Annual Meeting 2020

The 2020 ASM was held online from 20th – 24th July. An outline of the programme is featured below. The programme also included several discussion groups. If you have any queries, please contact

Posters from the ASM: view and submit questions

Engagement and dialogue was encouraged for the posters associated with the ASM. The afternoon of Thursday 23rd July was dedicated to presenting the posters, with a Q&A at the end of each session. You can still view and submit questions about the posters. Please contact to obtain the password. You can then access the posters here.

Monday 20th July: SONATA Project Meeting
TimeActivity Ends
10:30SONATA Project Meeting (GoToMeeting)Corinne Le Quéré16:00
Tuesday 21st July: R/O Overview Talks & Annual Science Meeting
TimeActivity Ends
13:00Welcome and introMark Brandon & Elaina Ford 
13:05R/O overview talks  
13:05CUSTARDAdrian Martin 
13:15PICCOLOKaren Heywood 
13:25SONATACorinne Le Quéré 
13:35CELOSCorinne Le Quéré 
13:45SARDINE: Added and redistributed heat and carbon balances in CMIP5 projectionsRic Williams 
13:55ORCHESTRAAndrew Meijers 
14:05Q&A and discussionElaina Ford 
14:35 Break 14:50
14:50Annual Science MeetingChair: Adrian Martin Co-chair: Tom Bell 
14:50Welcome and introAdrian Martin 
14:55SO-CHIC overviewJean-Baptiste Sallée 
15:05Air-sea CO2 flux in the Southern Ocean – direct measurements vs bulk estimatesMingxi Yang 
15:15The Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT): The value chain of in situ ocean carbon measurementsDorothee Bakker 
15:25A New Estimate of the Southern Ocean Carbon Sink in WinterNeill Mackay 
15:35Comfort break  
15:40Machine learning techniques applied to interpolate surface ocean carbon fluxes and propertiesAndrew Watson 
15:50The accumulation of carbon in the South AtlanticPeter Brown 
16:00SOCCOM and BGC Argo updateLynne Talley 
16:10Biological processes and the Southern Ocean carbon cycleChristine Klaas 
16:25Q&A and discussionAdrian Martin and Tom Bell 
16:55End of session 16:55

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Wednesday 22nd July: AM – Discussions groups
TimeActivity Ends
09:00Discussion groups (Contact: and rapporteur 
09:00 – 09:30  Integrating CELOS & SARDINE with existing RoSES projects: SARDINE (Zoom Meeting: password required)Ric Williams 
09:30 -10:30Integrating CELOS & SARDINE with existing RoSES projects: CELOS (inc. Ecosystem Processes.) (Zoom Meeting: password required)Corinne Le Quéré 
10:30 -11:30  Data requirements and archiving, observations and modelling data (Zoom Meeting: password required)Lead: Robyn Owen Rapporteur: Colm Walsh 
11:30End times for the above are approximate – continuation may be required 11:30 Approx
Wednesday 22nd July: PM – Annual Science Meeting
TimeActivity Ends
11.30Annual Science Meeting Chair: Corinne Le Quéré Co-chair: Rebecca Wright 
11:30Welcome and introCorinne Le Quéré 
11:35Perspectives on Southern Ocean ventilation and change from recent observations in the East Antarctic sectorSteve Rintoul 
11:55Q&A and discussionCorinne Le Quéré & Rebecca Wright 
12:05Break 13:20
13:20Welcome and introCorinne Le Quéré 
13:25Sensitivities of Southern Ocean mode water heat contentEmma Boland 
13:35Southern Ocean heat and carbon uptake and watermass variability in CMIP6Andrew Meijers 
13:45Impact of relative vs. absolute wind stress in the Southern OceanDave Munday 
13:55Detecting Climate Fingerprints in the Southern Ocean using Biogeochemical Ocean ModellingRebecca Wright 
14:05Progress with UKESM1Colin Jones 
14:15ACSISBablu Sinha 
14:25Q&A and discussionCorinne Le Quéré & Rebecca Wright 
14:55Break 15:10
15:10Annual Science MeetingChair: Karen Heywood Co-chair: Elise Droste 
15:10Welcome/introKaren Heywood 
15:15Understanding model near surface biasesPat Hyder 
15:25On the origin of AAIW along the 24 S section from a combined Maximum Entropy/ECCOv4 approachGenevieve Hinde 
15:35Sensitivity of Southern Ocean water mass properties to surface boundary conditions (TICTOC)Yavor Kostov 
15:45Export of dense water through Orkney PassagePovl Abrahamsen 
15:55Orkney Passage and South Sandwich Trench trough flows from a tracer perspectiveMarie-Jose Messias 
16:05Keynote: Reframing the carbon cycle of the subpolar Southern OceanGraeme MacGilchrist 
16:20Q&A and discussionKaren Heywood and Elise Droste 
16:50End of session 16:50
Thursday 23rd July: AM – Focus Group Discussion
TimeActivity Ends
 Discussion Group (Contact: and rapporteur 
10:00Focus group: Multi-year variability in carbon & heat air/sea exchange + inventory (Zoom Meeting: Password required) Lead: Corinne Le Quéré
Rapporteur: Joe Guest
11:30End time is approximate – continuation may be required 11:30 Approx
Thurs 23rd July: PM – Annual Science Meeting: Posters
TimeActivity Ends
13:00Poster session o   ne: (3 mins + 2 mins Q&A)Chair: Andrew Meijers Co-chair: Emma Boland 
13:00Welcome and introAndrew Meijers 
13:05Impact of sea ice on Dense Shelf Water Production in the Southern OceanPhoebe Hudson  
13:10Controls on summer mixed layer variability in Southern Drake PassageAlex Brearley 
13:15Robust thermohaline frontal detection in the Southern OceanSimon Thomas 
13:20Adjoint modelling in ORCHESTRA: understanding surprisingly weak high-latitude sensitivitiesDan Jones 
13:25How does heat flux affect potential vorticity in the Southern Ocean?Ciara Pimm 
13:30ORCHESTRA data managementRobyn Owen 
13:35Q&A discussionAndrew Meijers and Emma Boland 
14:05Break 14:35
14:35Poster session two: (3 mins + 2 mins Q&A)Co-chairs: Neil Mackay & Maribel Garcia Ibanez 
14:35Welcome and introNeil Mackay & Maribel Garcia Ibanez 
14:40What can we learn from the variability in eddy covariance air-sea CO2 flux measurements?Tom Bell   
14:45Factors affecting air-sea gas transfer velocityYuanxu Dong   
14:50High temporal resolution observations of atmospheric CO2 around the Southern OceanAnna Jones   
14:55Combined constraints on the Southern Ocean CO2 flux using observations and a model.Erik Buitenhuis   
15:00Plankton community composition and ocean oxygen Joe Guest   
15:05Investigating the attenuation of POC in the CUSTARD section of the Southern Ocean using UKESM1Andrew Yool and Adrian Martin
15:10Q&A discussionMaribel Garcia Ibanez and Neill Mackay 
15:40End of session 15:40
Friday 24th July: AM – Discussion Group
TimeActivity Ends
10:00Discussion Group (Contact: and rapporteur 
10:00Model synthesis towards improving UK climate models, priorities for more detailed assessment and model developments (Zoom Meeting: password required) Pat Hyder 
12:00Approximate end time – continuation if required 12:00
Friday 24th July: PM – Discussion Group 
TimeActivity Ends 
14:00Discussion Group (Contact: and rapporteur 
14:00Southern Ocean inversions and comparisons (Zoom Meeting: password required)  Brian King and Dave Munday 
17:00Approximate end time – continuation if required 17:00

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