Annual Meeting 2020

See below for a draft outline programme for next year’s ASM. The ASM is scheduled to take place from 20- 23 July at the University of East Anglian in the Julian Centre.

Mon 20 JulyORCHESTRA MC Meeting12:00 – 14:00 
 Open Session14:00 – 18:00R+O overview talks. UEA + Cambridge.
 Poster session/icebreakerEveningBuffet dinner in the Julian Centre, UEA
Tues 21 JulyProject/WP MeetingsAMClosed session.
  ASM: Theme 1 PM 
 ECR + projects dinnerPM Buffet dinner in the Julian Centre, UEA
Weds 22 JulyProject MeetingsAM 
 ASM: Theme 2PM 
 Career Development PanelLunchPanel of senior members for Q&A by ECRs on career funding etc.
 Conference Dinner SesionEvening Sainsbury Centre, UEA
Thurs 23 JulyASM: Theme 3AM 
 ORCHESRTRA MC continued (if needed.)  
 Focus Group MeetingsPMHeat and Carbon; Adjoint Modelling.
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