Category: 2019 Expedition

'Adopt-A-Float': just in time for Christmas

11/12/2019 Besides conducting research, as scientists we also feel as passionate about the legacy our work produces.  From new scientific discoveries and better understanding of the Earth System to informing governments’ policy on the environment, assisting development, encouraging people’s interest…

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SO Christmas: Why here? Why now?

Sofia Alexiou, NOC 08/12/2019 “You’re going to be WHERE for Christmas?!” is the most common response I get from family and friends after I tell them I will be going on a sea-going research expedition in the Southern Ocean for…

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Sailing South for Christmas

RRS Discovery docked in Punta Arenas port, Chilephoto credit: Sofia Alexiou, NOC by Dr Adrian Martin, Principal Scientist (National Oceanography Centre, UK) 01/12/2019 While many people may be thinking of stockings, Rudolph and Frosty at Christmas, the CUSTARD team is…

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