Category: 2018 Expedition

Blog: Stumbling into the Southern Ocean like a boss (or not)

Angela Bahamondes Dominguez – PhD student (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton) 07/12/2018 As a Chilean, I have heard many people telling stories about Magallanes waters and their isolated, harsh, yet amazing landscapes. Since my grandfather and my father that navigated these…

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Blog: At 55°S 90°W, the mooring is deployed!

Sheri White – Mooring lead (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) 6/12/18 The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) is a US National Science Foundation (NSF) funding program to create a permanent long-term presence in the ocean for scientific measurements. OOI consists of a…

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Blog: A word from the Woods Hole mooring team

Steve Caldwell-Surface Mooring Lead, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute 03/12/18 My name is Steve Caldwell from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. I am the Surface mooring lead for OOI (Ocean Observatories Initiative) on this cruise.  My role is to ensure the proper…

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Blog: Out into the Pacific Ocean

Alan Wright – PhD Student (National Oceanography Centre) 29/11/18 On the 28th November 1520 Ferdinand Magellan first passed through the waters below South America, that now bear his name. By some lucky quirk of fate, RRS Discovery was sailing through the…

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Blog: Underway through the Magellan Strait

Eleanor Haigh – Masters Student (University of Southampton) 28/11/2018 And we’re off! Discovery set sail for 55oS 90oW at 6am today, with the orange glint of sunrise still cast over Punta Arenas we headed into the Magellan Strait. Our passage…

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Blog: Preparing to sail

Adrian Martin – Principle Scientist for RoSES 26/11/2018 It seems like it’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally in Punta Arenas and just a couple of days off sailing, to begin the year-long study of how marine life…

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