Blog: A word from the Woods Hole mooring team

Steve Caldwell-Surface Mooring Lead, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

My name is Steve Caldwell from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. I am the Surface mooring lead for OOI (Ocean Observatories Initiative) on this cruise.  My role is to ensure the proper operation of the surface mooring. That includes such items as: all CPU’s are operating, all telemetry is operating and calling back to land so that we can provide real time data, all meteorological instrumentation is operating and providing correct readings.  I am also in charge of all electrical and mechanical components on the mooring, from the computers that control the instruments and mooring power consumption, to the clamps that retain the instruments, to the proper operation of the IMM wire.

B4 Mooring and balls_rLeft: The OOI mooring on deck. Right: The 64 glass balls that will bring the mooring back up to the surface next year during a second cruise (images courtesy Eleanor Haigh)

I am super stoked about being able to come back to the Southern Ocean and put the mooring back in.  This is a super interesting spot for science and to be a part of the engineering aspect of this project is honestly an honor.  Being able to work with the other groups such as yours makes it even more exciting, certainly the ability hear what other science communities think of our program and how much that appears to mean to them gives more fuel to my fire.  I personally really appreciate the presentations on CUSTARD’s work that were shared with us the other day.  You guys are doing some really cool stuff and it’s great to be a part of it.

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